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Is your carpet starting to ripple and bunch up? If so, my carpet restretching services at Big Orange Country Carpets can take care of the problem. Smaller ripples are not usually caused by everyday wear, but they do occur when heavy furniture is sliding around or when your carpet endures an abnormal volume of foot traffic.

Mishandling during carpet installation can also result in flaws like these. Small rippling may not seem like something to warrant concern, but it will result in more rippling if it is not dealt with. If your carpet is not repaired soon, it may need to be replaced entirely.

Carpet repair should be left to qualified professionals, and with my carpet restretching services at Big Orange Country Carpets, of Knoxville, TN, I provide the ideal solution to the vast majority of carpet problems. Proper carpet restretching entails pulling up the ends of your flooring and stretching it out until it is taut. Once your carpet is firm, I will cut away any surplus areas before putting it back in place. Additionally, my team and I will secure your carpet so that it does not ripple and bunch again in the future.

My carpet repair and restretching services at Big Orange Country Carpets are both quick and thorough. I utilize nothing but the finest tools and proven methods that yield high quality results. I use a slotted blade knife to efficiently separate the flooring around the edges, an awl and hammer to remove the pile from the tack strip, and an industrial grade staple gun to properly secure the carpet back in place.

However, the most important tool I use in any carpet stretching project is the power stretcher. This state-of-the-art device is secured against the wall and is composed of a long pole fitted with a gripping surface. The pole is laid flat and a lever is pumped to push the carpet, thereby removing any wrinkles. This prized equipment exerts a tremendous amount of force that a person cannot achieve alone.

If your carpet has become even minutely wrinkled, it is important that you call on my services before you have to invest a large sum of money on a complete installation project. Call me at Big Orange Country Carpets today, and you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands.

I am happy to say that we offer discounts for senior citizens as well as current and past military personnel. Find out more about carpet restretching today!

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